Youth Programs

Fitness, enrichment, nutrition, and more.

Kids, especially those who are disadvantaged, often feel they aren’t in control. A World Fit For Kids! shows them there are things they can control, starting with their bodies and rippling outward. When kids feel good about themselves, they feel good about others. Taking charge of health leads to taking charge of education, which leads to seeking out more opportunities to excel and take control in other areas of life.

Expanded Learning Programs

Our K-12 programs emphasize healthy behaviors and build skills through learning experiences kids find challenging, engaging, and exciting. Activities are developmentally appropriate and align with students’ interests. Physical activity, academic support, and a variety of enrichment activities build competence, commitment, confidence and lead to improved school performance, increased high school graduation rates, and college/workplace readiness.

Teen Fit For Success

This program integrates physical activity leadership training, work readiness training, and community service to develop important life skills, including effective study/work habits, conflict resolution, communication skills, and first aid/CPR. Students who successfully complete training become positive role models for their peers and younger students and can be placed in jobs or internships. Many become coaches in WFIT or other afterschool programs or find work at local businesses.

Nourishing Matters

Nourishing matters focuses on food as “key regulator,” along with exercise, sleep and relationships, that effects physical energy, focus and emotional well-being. Students learn about serving sizes, food labels, vitamins and minerals and the importance of fruits and vegetables, and they gain hands on experience preparing healthy foods. The program lays a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating choices.

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