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A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT) provides vital healthy behaviors programming and targeted academic support to instill in youth the knowledge, skills and confidence required to make healthy choices that last a lifetime. Our vision is a world where kids are fit, healthy and ready to learn! WFIT training and programs integrate youth development principles with physical activity to positively impact the lives of students and the adults who work with them.

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Physical Activity and Healthy Behaviors are the foundation of all WFIT programs.

Young people, especially those living in high-crime and high-poverty neighborhoods, often experience life as beyond their control. Through our programs they discover there are things they can control, starting with their bodies. Physical activity combined with healthy behaviors gives the youth we serve an experience of making positive choices and getting positive results. Our programs enable them to take charge of their health, which ultimately leads them to take control of their and education and future.

The Mentors in MotionSM Model

A key example of WFIT’s successful model is the Teen Mentors in MotionSM (MiM) Program, which provides youth development training, professional experience, and internship opportunities to teens. MiM training increases self-awareness, builds confidence, and strengthens interpersonal skills. These tools build the capacity to succeed in school, work and life. WFIT teens receive mentoring, academic assistance, and a variety of enrichment activities that enable them to discover their capacity for success. To prepare them for a skilled workforce, participants engage in work-readiness training, job-shadowing, and have the opportunity to apply for a 6-month internship as youth Coach-Mentor at one of WFIT’s school sites or another youth-serving organization.

Evaluation results have shown that the MiM Program works. In fact, 94% of students who participated in the training and internship program since 2003 have graduated from high school, and this is primarily from a district with a current graduation rate of 67%.

Sharing Our Success

We maximize our impact and reach by sharing WFIT’s proven replicable model with a network of service providers who can reach young people all over the world. WFIT’s Master Trainers educate other youth-serving organizations on how to incorporate and teach WFIT’s healthy behaviors and personal empowerment programs. Those who participate in our trainings learn to integrate sound nutrition, physical activity and youth development practices into their work serving the next generation. Through our training division, WFIT is creating a sustainable, accessible way for others to achieve our same breakthrough results. Our team has trained more than 3,200 teachers and afterschool staff, 11,000 parents and teens, and over 1,500 Nike employees and college athletes to serve as physical activity coach-mentors in schools and communities across the US and Brazil. 88% of teachers and staff surveyed from other organizations trained by WFIT reported positive changes in their students’ behavior and focus!

Making a Difference

Independent evaluations of our work confirm that we’re making a difference in the lives of children and young people in high poverty communities throughout Los Angeles. According to their Report, students are:
    ✓ Much more likely to be regularly engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity and are making exercise a way of life;
    ✓ Improving their eating habits and making healthy food and beverage choices;
    ✓ Strengthening their academic and social-emotional skills and much more likely than their peers to succeed in school and in life.
Highlights of the Report include the following:
  • Three-quarters of respondents stated WFIT helped motivated them to participate in physical activities;
  • While only six percent of children nation-wide are physically active, 86% of Elementary School and 54% of Middle and High School students in WFIT programs stated that this is the case every day; and
  • More than eight out of ten reported choosing water more often than soda, and 67% indicated that WFIT has improved their consumption of fresh fruit.
High school and college students have become positive role models, are improving the quality of physical activities and are influential advocates for quality physical activity. Key findings among those participating in WFIT’s Physical Activity Leadership (PAL) and Mentors in MotionSM show that this matters – a lot!
  • Ninety percent became more confident in their physical activity planning skills and learned specific strategies and tactics to use with younger students;
  • Almost two-thirds changed their approaches to physical activity and became more intentional in their work;
  • Three-quarters of Middle School students reported feeling more confident and goal-oriented and 88% of teachers and staff from other organizations that participated in WFIT trainings reported positive changes in students’ behavior and focus;
  • Eight out of ten High School and Middle School participants reported improvement in their academic performance;
  • In contrast with the 61% LAUSD graduate rate reported in 2011, of those surveyed who completed WFIT’s Mentors in Motion teen training 96% graduated from high school and 76% are currently enrolled in or have completed community college or university degrees.

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What We Do

Our Mission
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